CelPlan can support Smart Cities project form the point of view of telecommunication, government infrastructure, educational infrastructure, remote offices, energy management, highway optimization and transportation.

CelPlan has proposed several Smart Cities solutions to:

  • Minimize the daily populational displacement by:
    • Analyze the telecom infrastructure and propose improvements that will allow people to work from or in the vicinity of the residential areas.
    • Develop procedures that will allow employees to work remotely. This effort can start with government employees. Pilot programs can be implemented to test the efficiency of the process.
    • Create virtual offices in residential areas, so people can work from their residences, or from a virtual office. Examples of this are available today in Chicago suburbs
    • Offer incentives to companies to move from downtown AMAN to suburbs and hire local employees. This has been done with great success in London.
    • Give incentives for start-ups to stay in the suburbs.
  • Improve living conditions in the suburbs
    • Urbanize the suburban areas, to make attractive to people to stay there. This implies in developing local commerce, improving sidewalks and public spaces.
    • Create local entertainment options
  • Improve traffic flow in the main transportation arteries
  • Regulate the access to the main transportation arteries to keep them at maximum flow